Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar

gingerbread man cookie jarAny of these Gingerbread Man cookie jars will make a wonderful gift for family and friends on any occasion. These are sought-after presents for Christmas because of their festive holiday colors and design.

Gingerbread Man is a well-loved legend that will always be a part of our holiday celebrations.

Anyone will be delighted to receive any of these Christmas themed cookies jars. Kids will love opening them if you fill them with cookies, candies, chocolates or biscuits. They can be cheery additions to a home’s Christmas decors even if they are meant to store snacks and other food items.

In a hurry?

See these adorable choices of Gingerbread Man Cookie Jars now.

Ceramic Gingerbread Man  Cookie Jar

This selection of cookie jars are all made of high quality ceramic and painted in striking colors. They are both functional and decorative.

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Ceramic Cupcake Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar

This uniquely designed cupcake cookie jar has a Gingerbread Man with a cheery smile on top. He is lying on a hill of snow. Holly leaves and snowflakes sparsely adorn his bright red body.

You can actually use this year-round because the holiday accents are few. Won’t it be fun to make real cupcakes or Gingerbread Man cookies and frosting with this design?

I like this because the jar itself is deep and can hold a fair amount of treats, and the mouth is wide. It is 9.25 inches tall and weighs approximately 2.4 pounds. Do not microwave or put in the dishwasher. You can easily reach deep inside to scrub, rinse and wipe dry anyway.

Ceramic Santa with Gingerbread Man

This cookie jar has Santa holding Gingerbread Man on his belly. I like it because they are such a cute pair. Santa has bushy white beard and flushed cheeks, and Gingerbread Man wears his trademark smirk. Santa’s bright red cap is the lift-off lid and the white bon-bon on top serves as the handle.

It is a small cookie jar at 7-1/8 inches tall and looks like an oversized mug. But, this pair is so adorable you’d probably get this for that purpose, and just have it sit on your counter. This weighs 11.2 ounces and is around 5 inches deep and 5 inches wide.

Lenox Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar

This  collectible Lenox  Gingerbread Man  cookie jar is crafted of fine porcelain and hand painted. It stands 9-3/4 inches and depicts Gingerbread Man in Christmas-y, cold December attire. 24-karat gold trimmings on his forehead, hands, legs and scarf make him shine. He wears his signature cheery smile and open face.

Only a few used pieces are up for grabs. This is a sought-after present and will surely delight anyone who receives it.

Vintage Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar

This handmade Italian stoneware primitive Gingerbread Man canister set is a rare and vintage collectible piece.

Plain Gingerbread Man figure  and cookies decoration on the jar surface evokes antiquity and a rustic feel. This can be displayed from any angle because it is painted all around.

These are gasket-sealed containers for snacks and other items like sugar and flour.

Large Gingerbread Man Cookie Jar

This merrily designed cookie jar is 12 inches tall.  That’s plenty of room for even big cookies.

The outside is embellished with the symbols and colors of Christmas: bells, Snowman, Gingerbread Man and Christmas tree. The lid is topped with a small Gingerbread Man figure. The look and design is antique.

This is also a beautiful collector’s item. Like almost all vintage items, only one used piece with slight grazing is available..

For some folks giving a gingerbread designed cookie jar on Christmas is already a tradition. For others they are collectible pieces.  Visitors will surely be praising if you have several of these on your counters.

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