Serving Bowls With Lids

serving bowls with lids

Reduce the time you spend washing dishes with these multi-purpose serving bowls with lids. They add flair to your table whilst protecting food.

I chanced upon serving bowls with lids while looking for glass storage containers. I realized that they are very practical. They can be used as mixing bowl, storage container and serving bowl.

When preparing a salad, you can mix food in it, cover and chill. When it’s time to serve, it goes from fridge to table. If there is leftover, cover it and place in the fridge.

Leftovers that must be heated before serving can be stored in a microwavable serving bowl with cover.  At meal time take it from the refrigerator to the microwave to the table. There’s no need to transfer food from storage container to serving dish.

 Think about the money you’ll save and lesser time you’ll spend washing because you have fewer containers.

Now, there are covered serving bowls which have different purposes and are not good as storage containers. You’ll find out more in this article.

Here is a selection of the most useful serving bowls with covers that I found.

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Hot and Cold Insulated Serving Bowls with Lids

Covered thermal serving bowls are used to keep food warm or cold for several hours. This is ideal if you want soups and stews to stay warm; or your salads and desserts cold while served.

There may be times when you have to run errands and can’t get back on time to prepare dinner. What to do? Cook before leaving and just keep the food in insulated bowls.

Thermal bowls are also suitable for when you are bringing food to potlucks, picnics and parties.

Thermo Dish Hot or Cold Serving Bowl

This stylish serving bowl has stainless steel interior and lids that lock. It accommodates 2.5 quarts which is just right for serving.  It keeps food warm or cold for 4 to 8 hours.

You have to keep it upright because the lid is not leak proof. It’s plastic but it does not contain BPA.

This needs pre-heating and pre-cooling. To pre-heat, put hot water into it and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Once it’s warmed-up remove the water and transfer hot food into it. Use ice or ice water to pre-cool.

This bowl is meant to eliminate reheating which is probably the reason it’s not microwavable or oven safe.

Serving Bowls with Ice Compartment

This 6.5 quart bowl is ideal for parties, family gatherings and other not-so-fancy events. It has an ice chamber at the bottom and a grated tray over the ice to keep coolness flowing into the food. It is great for salads, fruits and vegetables. Often we worry about food spoiling when it’s been out for hours. This bowl offers a simple solution.

Here’s a tip: put foil on the vented grate if you are going to serve salads to prevent dressing dripping into the ice below as it can be messy.

Included with the acrylic bowl is a pair of salad servers that hook into the bowl’s rim. A detachable divider with a dip bowl separates vegetables and fruits.  The domed lid traps cool air inside.

The clear acrylic won’t break and the bowl when filled looks elegant and beautiful.

China Serving Bowls with Lids

Fine bone china bowls like this exquisite soup tureen is ideal for fine dining. The gold embossed design stands out against translucent white.

I can imagine this paired with formal dinnerware in an intimate dinner setting. But if you want a little luxury, go ahead use it for ordinary family dinners.

It can hold 4 quarts and is dishwasher safe.

Melamine Serving Bowls with Lids

This melamine serving bowl set is your all-around kitchen container. It’s prepare, store and serve with these bowls. In the set are 1.8, 2.8, 4.2 and 6 quarts bowls with covers. These volumes are sufficient for most household cooking requirements. The largest bowl can hold salad enough for 30 people. It’s perfect for picnics.

The bowls are light but sturdy. Each has a non-slip gasket at the bottom so they stay put when used for mixing. The lids snap snugly.

Their colors are so cool they are nice enough to take to someone else’s place.

They are easy to store because they stack inside each other with their lids.

Clear Glass Serving Bowls With Lids

Glass is versatile, timeless and elegant. It is perfect for any occasion and setting and matches well with any material.  

This fluted Pyrex serving bowl is stylish and practical. Prepare food in it, use it as storage and serve on it. For food preparation, it’s sturdy and durable. The BPA-free lid fits tightly which is great for storing leftovers. As a serving bowl, it is beautiful.

It’s a 3-cup bowl which is great for serving nuts and small quantities of stews, or for mixing a cup of liquid or for beating 1 to 3 eggs.

You can pop it in the freezer or fridge, heat leftover in the microwave or oven and serve or eat right out of the bowl.  It serves as an over-sized cereal bowl and useful as a soup bowl. When you take it out of the fridge, let it cool down a bit before popping into the oven, since the sudden change in temperature may cause it to shatter.

It’s made of glass but it’s rugged. Barring it being dropped really hard, it will last for years and years. Pyrex wares don’t chip or crack easily when you bump them.

Ceramic Serving Bowls with Lids

This high grade Korean ceramic bowl is made from fine clay. The natural glaze is achieved by glaze-firing twice. It is arsenic-free, lead-free and cadmium-free.

It is very versatile. You can pop it on the oven and microwave or use it on a stove top.

Great for soups and stews but can also be used to cook rice with crunchy bottom.

This is available in different sizes. Medium bowl (pictured here) holds 4 cups. A matching coaster completes the set.

Other Covered Serving Bowls

Besides the types of serving bowls that were discussed above, there are other kinds which some people use.

Most of us are steering clear of plastic wares but clear plastic disposable serving bowls are useful for picnics, potlucks and catered events. These are not for repeated use or for storing food.

Some serving bowls are made of metal like copper. There are also fine ceramic rice bowls.

Some folks prefer to have a few decorative covered serving bowls like Christmas themed pieces.

Most Useful Serving Bowls With Covers

Given the various types, sizes and purposes of serving bowls, which ones are must-haves? These ones will cover most of your serving needs.

You should definitely have a number of small to midsize bowls. You need small ones for cereal. Midsize bowls are so useful for serving a lot of food. They aren’t big and can hold enough pasta or rice for three or four persons. You can also use them for stews, stir fried vegetables, soups, etc. They are so versatile and you must definitely have several of them. Choose those with lids that snap tightly.

If the main dish is a big salad or mixed pasta, serve them on a large serving bowl. That’s all you need really.

If you like a dramatic centerpiece, then add an oversized serving bowl which can be used to serve pasta and other large volume dishes.

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