Bow Tie Cookie Cutter

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Arm yourself with a cute and inexpensive bow tie cookie cutter if you’re throwing a party for your little guy’s first birthday or organizing your friend’s baby shower.

The “bow tie” concept is popular for celebrations that welcome the little man.Themed cookies dont’ have to be restricted to special occasions.

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See all bow tie cookie cutters now.

Everyday treats can be made more interesting and delectable if you shape them into objects that your kids like. You can store them in fun containers to make them even more appealing.

You can create varied bow tie cookies with a simple tool and lots of creativity. Below you’ll find cookie cutters for creating cute treats.

Copper Bow Tie Cookie Cutter

Copper cookie cutters are more expensive because copper is more expensive than other materials like tin or plastic. But, they are durable and will last for a long time. They are also sturdier and do not get bent easily.

To some people, they are not merely tools but collectibles and decorations. Although, they tarnish and lose their luster after a long time, they don’t rust. Some folks actually prefer the tarnished look.

Copper should be hand washed and dried immediately to prevent tarnishing.

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Mini Bow Tie Cookie Cutter

This elegant mini bow tie cookie cutter is handcrafted from high quality solid copper. Every step is done by hand. Proudly made in the USA.

It is 2 inches long and 1/1/8 inches wide. Depth is ½ inch after one side of the copper cutter is folded over for safety. The size is great for small treats, cupcake toppers or cake decoration.

Large Copper Bow tie Cookie Cutter

This larger copper cookie cutter is of the same design and from the same manufacturer.

It is 5 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide and 1-1/8 inches deep. It can be used to cut a bow tie fondant cake topper. Pair big bow tie cookies with neck tie cookies to make them more interesting. Or, use this to make sandwiches for a picky eater. A square one everyday can be boring.

Mustache and Bow Tie Cookie Cutter Set

Most people who give bow tie parties commonly make it a bow tie and mustache party. It’s more fun with mustaches on sticks which guests hold in front of their lips for photo shoots.

It also gives you more options for decorations, food, invitations, cards, etc. Throw in some necktie cookies to complete a party for dad.

This 3-piece set from Wilton includes a bow tie, mustache and necktie cookie cutters. They are made of coated metal that cut cleanly and releases easily.

These cutters aren’t just for cookies. You can cut brownies and sandwiches into fun shapes with them. Mold fondant toppers for cupcakes. Decorating ideas and instructions are included with the set.

Themed treats aren’t just for parties. Kids will certainly enjoy having them daily or weekly or however often you make goodies.

Bow Tie and Mustache Party Ideas

There are several elements to a successful party…food, decoration, invitations, goodie bags, etc. Everything has to blend well. It is common for us to gather ideas and from there create our own.

Since this is a masculine theme, party colors are usually blue, white and muted greys.  This blog has some cool ideas for a bow tie party. Or, watch the video below.



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