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AC or DC Stand Mixer: Which Is Better?

Not sure whether to choose an AC or DC driven stand mixer? Afraid you’d pick the wrong one? Got questions? Have searched and did not find the answers? Sadly, there aren’t until this. Consumer stand mixers have had a long relationship with AC motors. But DC motors are picking away at that exclusivity.  As if […] Read more

9 Hot Tips To Get The Best KitchenAid Mixer Sale

[Updated: December 2, 2019] It’s coming. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. I’m sure your on the lookout for big price cuts. Awesome deals are running. If you’ve been waiting for a KitchenAid stand mixer sale, price-off events usually happen towards the Holiday season starting on Black Friday. If for some […] Read more

Best Stand Mixer Under $200

Can an inexpensive stand mixer meet most household needs? Which one is top value for your money? There are a number of under $200 models which are good for general purpose mixing. A few can also make a batch of 1 to 3 loaves of bread. In a hurry? Check the Bosch MUM4405 now. But […] Read more

5 Best Stand Mixers – 2014

Are you in search for the best stand mixer? We compiled a list of the five best models from among those that are in the market this year. We are after performance, not looks or popularity, in this search because like all home cooks, I’m sure that you, too, desire a stand mixer that will do […] Read more

Get Two In One In A Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

We have different reasons for wanting a stand mixer. Not everyone needs the power and capacity of a large table top mixer. Sometimes you may find that a hand mixer is enough for you, but you want to rest your arms. Then, all you really need is a stand for your hand mixer. A hand […] Read more

5 Best Stand Mixers for Bread

You may have landed here expecting to find the single best stand mixer for bread dough.  Let me assure you… there is no single model that is best for every baker that makes bread.  The question of “best” is a loaded one because what is best will depend on a lot of factors.  Will you […] Read more

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