Christmas Tree Cake Pan

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christmas tree cake panCreate a dramatic Christmas cake with a flat, 3D or bundt Christmas Tree cake pan. They come in mini or large sizes made of aluminum or silicone.

I was poking around online for some holiday related ideas…decorations, gifts, food, and found some gorgeous Holiday cake pans. Some have great details your cake will only need a few simple decoration. Making a stunning holiday cake is actually easy with these baking molds.

Christmas tree shaped baking pans can be classified according to material, design and size. Most are made of aluminum. Others are silicone, foil or paper.

I found two common designs…flat and 3D. The flat ones resemble a tree that’s been cut lengthwise and 3D pans yield upright cakes. There is also the less common fluted baking pan.

Pan sizes are mini (small), standard and large. Mini pans are great for cookies and large ones will create lovely centerpiece cakes.

Christmas Tree Aluminum Cake Pan

Most cake pans shaped like a Christmas tree are made of aluminum because it is durable and holds its shape. Here are two great options.

Wilton Irridiscent Green Tree Pan

Wilton’s green iridescent tin is a basic cake pan and one of the more popular ones on Amazon. The cake won’t have too much detail but you can still make it stand out with tiny balls of frosting to resemble ornament.

Better yet, add a few drops of food coloring to the mix to make a green tree cake right out of the oven. Green will also make decoration stand out.

This is a regular-sized cake mold that holds one cake mix. It’s sturdy, attractive and very affordable. Never put it in a dishwasher because that bright color will become a dull green.

Nordic Ware Christmas Tree Pan

The silver Nordic Ware 5-cup pan will create a beautiful holiday centerpiece. It is made of durable cast aluminum with intricate detailing, it even includes a star. Pine leaves are captured in the design. Only a few colored frosting and candies in different colors are needed to make the cake shine.

It has a non-stick interior for easy cake release. Cast aluminum promotes even heating and browning.

See more great choices of Christmas tree cake molds.

Fluted Christmas Tree Cake Pan

This one is also made of aluminum and yields a flat (on both sides) Christmas cake, not an upright one.

Some people call this a “Christmas tree cake pan with holes”. The pan’s base look like it has holes but they are actually flutes that will leave holes in the cake.

Most folks are confused over what to do with the holes in their cakes. Well, that’s where you can stick differently colored candy pieces to serve as ornaments. You can also pipe butter cream across the cake to resemble garlands.

Christmas Tree Bundt Cake Pan

This Nordic Ware holiday baking pan will give you a cake that’s a circle of tiny 3D Christmas trees that you can decorate several ways.

It’s one of the most beautiful Christmas-themed cake molds. It has lots of deep details which transfer to the cake perfectly. The cake is beautiful right out of the oven a simple accent to bring out the details is all you have to add. Avoid too much decoration that will hide the details.

This Christmas tree bundt cake tin is made of heavy cast aluminum, durable and heats evenly.

Large 3D Christmas Tree Cake Mold

Create a 10-inch upright cake like the dramatic 3D holiday cake above with this Nordic Ware cake mould. It’s a 9-cup aluminum pan with a non-stick coating for easy release. Just bake the two halves and stick together with icing when done.

Nordic Ware is known for making highly detailed baking pans like this one. It is the most intricate Christmas tree baking mold I’ve found.

However, the star may get burnt because it is much thinner than the body of the cake. If that happen you can pour melted chocolate on the star with a thin skewer. Then top your cake with it. You can also mold fondant for the star. Simply decorate with frosting or edible bits as ornaments.

Christmas Tree Silicone Mold

Another common Yuletide cake mold is silicone. Silicone cake pans are versatile. Aside from cake you can use it for gelatin, jelly, chocolate and pudding because you can easily release food from it because it’s pliable.

Silikomart’s SF108 Silicone pan which measures 12 x 7 inches is made of 100% food-grade silicone. It does not absorb odors from food, and is odorless and smokeless. It is oven, microwave, freezer and dish-washer safe.

It included 8 molds fitted with detachable and safe fiberglass rings for stability.

There’s lots of options for decorating the cake because you won’t be limited to tiny candies. Fondant icing will look good on it, too.

 Disposable Christmas Tree Baking Pan

Disposable baking pans are either foil or paper. They are great for treats that you either give away, take to parties or sell.

A foil Christmas tree cake pan is convenient because you can bake and deliver your cake in it. For paper, you will need to transfer it to another container.

This package of 10 aluminum pans with plastic snap-on lids holds 36 oz. The interior is natural aluminum and the exterior is in Holiday green.

Mini Christmas Tree Baking Pan

A small Christmas tree baking pan is great for making party goodies or treats you will give away as gifts. You can make cookies, mold chocolates or bake mini cakes which you can garnish like cupcakes. Place them on pretty gift boxes and you’ve got lovely presents for family and friends.

One cake mix will yield approximately 40-48 pieces in this petite 12-cavity silicone tree mold from Wilton.

Christmas Tree Cake Decorating Tips

If you want a holiday tree cake that’s green you can either add green food color to the cake mix, frost your cake or pipe icing all over the cake (a bit time consuming). It is better to use food coloring for cakes with prominent details as frosting will cover the design. Icing suits cakes with simple details to make it stand out.

Here is a good video for making a 3D Christmas tree cake. The cake really looks good afterwards.

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