Deviled Egg Tray With Lid

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deviled egg tray with lidMessed-up or mashed-up deviled eggs? These covered deviled egg trays will keep them intact and presentable when you take them to potlucks, picnics or serve them at home.

Part of the appeal of this classic appetizer is how you present them. Keeping them in regular containers is not exactly a sound move. They will most likely roll or tilt.  Even if they’re delicious, it’s hard to be drawn to them if they’re all messed-up.

Even if you’re not bringing them out, storing them can be a challenge if you don’t have them properly contained.

You don’t have to spend a lot for most deviled egg plates with lids. They are affordable and there are disposable trays if you plan to use them only once.

Deviled Egg Tray Carrier

A good quality plastic egg carrier that is sturdy is for you if you want ease and a storage container that will last for years. It is easy to carry because you only need one hand unlike trays with no handles.

Stack N Snap Deviled Egg Carrier

This stackable carrier is so versatile it’s not just for eggs.

The set consists of two stackable clear plastic containers that easily snap together. The lid has an easy grip handle. Each section has a removable egg tray that can hold a dozen egg pieces.

If you have more than one flavor of deviled eggs, then this keeper is great for separating them.

Here’s the cool thing…you can use this for practically any storage purpose. If you take the egg trays out, you can use it for any food or anything.  Place salad in one container and eggs (whole or halved) in the other. Use it to carry or store cupcakes.  Each container is deep enough to accommodate frosted cupcakes.

You can use it to store fruits or any food in the refrigerator. They are space savers. If you have another set, you can easily stack four containers.

You can convert it to a lunch box as well. This is such a great storage idea because it makes it easy to store items separately.

This food storage is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rubbermaid Deviled Egg Tray with Lid

This egg keeper is not just for deviled eggs but also for whole eggs, cooked or uncooked. If your refrigerator’s egg tray is not enough, this is a perfect additional storage for raw eggs.

It holds 20 jumbo eggs and you can stack one container on top of another. You cannot take the egg holder out. The tray is just one piece.

This is also great when bringing eggs (deviled or not) to gatherings outside your house. It keeps them upright and secure.

Plastic Deviled Egg Tray with Lid

A disposable tray with cover is the perfect container for taking deviled eggs to a party, picnic or potluck because it’s cheap and you can just give it away.

If you’re entertaining at home, you can also use it when you refrigerate those egg creation before they are served.

This set of 2 polypropylene deviled egg plates can hold 18 egg halves per tray. A snap on lid keeps the eggs from sliding or turning.  These are good containers for transporting this egg treat.

It has four latches that attach and secure the plate and the lid. You may have to make a few attempts before you get them to snap. The handle on the lid is for lifting it off, not for carrying the tray.

You can stack the lid and the plate inside each other when serving or for storage. But you can’t stack them covered.

Flip the lid and place some ice on it and put the tray of deviled eggs on top to keep them cool when you serve.

This is not meant to last for several uses.  It’s not made of sturdy plastic. That is why it’s more the disposable type.

It’s not a fine serving tray but it serves its purpose.  It certainly is a lot better than a serving plate with plastic wrap on top.

Deviled Egg Tray with Ice

This egg serving tray has no cover but I included it here because it is both practical and charming.

The upper egg tray is made of stainless steel and the lower tray for the ice is acrylic. It can hold 24 egg halves and the bottom tray holds cubed or crushed ice.

This server keeps the eggs chilled and safe throughout an event. You need not worry about eggs getting spoiled while they’re out.

The bottom tray can also be used to serve other food if you don’t use it for ice. It is divided into four sections which make it great for food that you want separated.

Handling deviled eggs can be a challenge. Fillings can be messed-up and eggs tend to slide if place in an ordinary tray or plate.

Deviled egg servers with covers aren’t just for transporting or serving eggs but also for storing them. If you love to make and serve these classic favorite, you definitely have to have on these keepers.

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