Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer Review

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When considering a low-priced stand mixer like the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic stand mixer you can avoid disappointment if you remember that functionality influences price.

There seems to be a considerable number of users who expect this mixer to handle all types of mixture and to mix perfectly on its own.  It’s obvious that quite a number of people are expecting more than what this model can give.

So, more than anything else, I shall attempt in this review to help you have realistic expectations for what this combination stand and hand mixer can do.

What’s In The Box

Let’s check what’s in the package:

  • Mixer main unit
  • Stand with turntable where the mixer and bowl sit
  • Traditional beaters for general mixing purposes
  • Whisks for whipping cream
  • Hooks for bread dough
  • 4-quart stainless steel bowl

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Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer Speed Settings

The Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer has six speed setting plus a quick burst feature for added speed. However, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between speed settings. The difference becomes less noticeable as you go higher on the settings. The lowest speed seems a bit high for a low setting. This is not a big deal for me. My hand mixer’s low speed is also not low enough but I’ve had had no problems.

CAUTION: Never use the Quick Burst setting for more than 2 minutes at a time or you might burn the motor. Give it ample time in between each burst.

Types of Mixture and Volume

This stand mixer can handle light to medium mixes like cake batter, eggs, cream or butter, easily. If you intend to use it to make cookies, I suggest you also get the straight wire beaters or the twisted wire beaters which are designed for thick batters and cookie dough. You have to order this separately as they are not included in the package. Also, the manufacturer recommends the following when working with cookie dough:

  • Spread out the ingredients for easier mixing by using a larger bowl.
  • Don’t lump all the ingredients all together. Do it one at a time and mix well after each addition.
  • Let butter or margarine settle to room temperature before adding into the mix.
  • Add 1 cup of flour at a time and mix thoroughly after each addition
  • Mix chips and nuts by hand at the end

Cake or egg or cookie, volume matters. For small quantities like one egg or a cup of cream you have to shift to hand mixer because the volume will not reach the beaters enough to achieve proper mixing in stand mixer mode. This is a drawback if you keep your mixer set up on the stand, then you have to detach and re-attach.

Let’s talk about bread dough. This is the trickiest and most difficult dough for mixers to handle for obvious reasons. This mixer comes with dough hooks and the manual says it can do one loaf. However, the dough hooks should not be used if using as a stand mixer, you have to switch to hand mixer. Perhaps, this is the reason why some users have luck with bread dough while others don’t.

Personally, I wouldn’t use the Hamilton Beach 6-speed Classic Stand Mixer 64650 to make bread. I don’t think it will last. However, let me add, that when it comes to working with bread dough, it’s not all about the mixer. At times, even with the high-end variants, you will encounter problems. You’d have to experiment with techniques and the recipe itself.

If you bake a lot, this mixer is not for you. If you will only do once a day of light mixing or a few days a week of baking, then you’re good with it.

Mixing Action and Performance

This is not a set-it, run-it, forget-it stand mixer. You can leave it for a while, but don’t do another chore and come back to it and expect a perfect mixture.

Firstly, the bowl does not turn automatically. The consistency might make it turn or you have to give it a nudge once in a while.

Secondly, for the beaters to reach the side of the bowl, you have to move the turntable by manipulating the Shift and Stir Bowl lever on the side of the turntable. This is kind of tricky. You’d have to practice to perfect it. I’d rather just scrape the side of the bowl every now and then (well, I’m not known for patience).

The beaters also do not reach the bottom of the bowl. You have to scrape the bottom, too. Occasionally, you might have to finish the mixing by hand.

As a stand mixer, HB 64650 will free your hands to add ingredients, allow you to fetch something and let your arms rest. Still, it gets the job done and saves time.


The mixer is powerful enough to handle most types of mixtures. There doesn’t seem to be a question when it comes to this. Aside from speed, the Quickburst feature is there to also give extra power. Peak power is at 290 watts.

Material and Durability

The main unit is made of brushed stainless steel, the stand and turntable are plastic, the bowl is stainless steel and the beaters, hooks and whisks are stainless steel.

The stand may seem flimsy because it’s plastic but it is sturdy enough to hold the entire assembly. The beaters and hooks are smaller compared to those in the power horse mixers. Durability will of course depend on how often you use it, what you most often use it for and how you use it.

Dimensions and Storage

This product doesn’t take up a lot of counter or cabinet space. It is light weight and compact; hence, it can be easily moved around and stored in cabinets. The mixer, beaters, hooks and whisk can be placed inside the mixing bowl further saving storage space. Dimensions when set up as a stand mixer are as follows:

Height:  10.5 inches

Width:   5.9 inches

Diameter:  9.7 inches

Features of the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 64650

This is a combination stand mixer and hand mixer. It arrives as a hand mixer. To attach it to the stand,  just place the holes at the bottom of the mixer to the hooks on top of the stand. Then, gently press the mixer backwards until it locks. To detach, simply press the mixer release button on the side.

CAUTION:  Make sure the mixer is securely locked on the stand. There are reports of the mixer falling off.

Use the Shift and Stir Bowl lever to move the turntable. This allows the beaters to reach the side of the bowl.

The mixer can be lifted and tilted by pushing the Tilt Button on the rear of the stand. Speed setting controls and the eject button are conveniently located on top of the mixer. Also features additional Quick Burst setting for even more speed and power.

The Bowl Rest feature can be used when using as a hand mixer. This is convenient when adding ingredients or checking the recipe. Just turn the mixer off and set it on the edge of the bowl.

CAUTION: Always TURN MIXER OFF before resting it on the bowl. Don’t use Bowl Rest on plastic bowls and on small, 1-1/2 quart bowls.

Accessories and Attachments

Straight wire beaters and twisted wire beaters are also available aside from the three sets of attachments that come with the package. These are for thicker batters like cookie dough.


  • hamilton beach 64650 stand mixer reviewCan be used both as a stand mixer and a hand mixer
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Can be easily moved from cabinet to counter and vice-versa
  • Convenient for people with conditions like arthritis in the hands and for older folks
  • Turntable can be moved from side to side
  • Can use other bowls
  • Easy to change attachments
  • Quick Burst feature
  • Enough power to manage most type of mixes
  • Convenient Bowl Rest feature when using as a hand mixer
  • Portable
  • Mixer can be left alone on the stand when fetching ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Gets the job done
  • Good value for the price


  • Beaters do not reach the bottom of the bowl
  • Beaters pushes the content to the side
  • Needs to be manipulated manually for the beaters to reach the side of the bowl
  • Need to scrape or mix manually
  • Turntable does not turn automatically
  • Low speed not low enough
  • Not for heavy-duty work
  • Not good for multi-taskers
  • Not for big batches

Consumer Reviews of the Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer

I’d say that consumer reviews on Amazon and Walmart are mixed. There are more reviews on Walmart and the customers there are more satisfied with 78% saying they would recommend the product.

The more recent reviews on Amazon seem to be more favourable than the older ones. I can only surmise that recent customers know what to expect because of feedback from customers before them.

I have summarized what the consumers like and don’t like about the product in the Pros and Cons section of this review.

Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer 64650Price

At almost $40, this product is really cheap for an all-in-one stand and hand mixer . At this price level, I wouldn’t expect it to come close to the functionality and performance of $300 plus stand mixers. But, functionality and price should match your requirements, because every dollar that you spend should be put to good use.

As a number of reviewers say, it gets the job done for such a low price.

My Final Take

Some customers said that the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 64650 is for those who just need a basic stand and hand mixer in one. And, based on this review, I’d agree. If you are a beginner or just need to use it moderately, this will do what you need with some manual intervention. If you are on a budget and just want to make mixing a bit easier, a bit quicker and less tiring, why go for pricier ones? But, if you plan to do a lot of baking in the future, you may want to consider the heavy-duty ones or an inexpensive planetary mixer. Or, you can always upgrade later. But, take note that even the expensive models are not perfect; there are other factors that will affect outcome.

Finally, if you decide to purchase this product, read the user guide thoroughly. Pay attention to the details. Don’t just skim over it, use the unit and go back to the directions when you hit a wall. You may be inviting frustration if you go that route.

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