Get Two In One In A Hand and Stand Mixer Combo

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hand stand mixerWe have different reasons for wanting a stand mixer. Not everyone needs the power and capacity of a large table top mixer. Sometimes you may find that a hand mixer is enough for you, but you want to rest your arms. Then, all you really need is a stand for your hand mixer.

A hand stand mixer is also known as a combination hand and stand mixer. Whatever you call it, it is simply a hand mixer with a stand to which it can be mounted. This type of mixer is suitable for lighter mixing jobs.

Pros and Cons of A Hand Stand Mixer

The most obvious advantage is affordability. You can have a stand mixer at a much lower price than a dedicated stand mixer. It is also light, compact and easy to store and move around, especially for those with weak arms. Portability is another benefit of hand and stand mixer. Some cooks need a mixer they can move over to the stove.

Then you get some of the advantages of a stand mixer, that is, rest your arms or let you do a bit of related jobs while the tool does its job. It can make the baking or cooking process a bit faster. Just think how convenient a stand is for one with arthritic or weak arms. I have two good arms, but they get tired holding and moving a hand mixer around for minutes on.

On the other hand, this type of mixer is less powerful and good for small batches only. Some models may strain with tough cookie mixture. Most models won’t likely be able to handle bread dough, although they come with dough hooks.  If it’s able to get past bread dough on the first few uses, it will burn out sooner.  More powerful motors are not suited for hand mixers because they are heavy and bulky. This is the reason why they are not really for dense and tough mixtures.

Majority of hand stand mixers are not planetary mixers. Hence, mixing is not as efficient. You’d have to scrape the side of the bowl and do some manual mixing to get at the bottom contents more frequently than with planetary mixers. Not for you if you are a multi-tasker.

Most Popular Hand and Stand Mixers

If you are after affordability in a stand mixer or if you are looking for a mixer for smaller jobs, consider these popular hand stand mixers:

  • Hamilton Beach 64650 Stand Mixer. As of this writing, this is the best selling stand mixer on Amazon. It has a 290-watt motor with 6 speeds for essential mixing jobs. The 4-quart stainless steel bowl rests on a turntable that can be shifted with a lever. Also includes beaters, whisk and dough hook. Costs under $50. Click here for a detailed review.
  • Sunbeam FPSBHS030 Hand and Stand Mixer. This is another low-priced hand and stand mixer combo at under $50. It is equipped with a 250-watt motor which is lower than the Hamilton Beach, but which doesn’t make a significant difference in mixing power. The stainless steel bowl holds 3 quarts. Go here for a complete review of this mixer.
  • Hamilton Beach 64695 Power Deluxe Hand Stand Mixer. This is also an under $50 hand stand mixer. The 4-quart bowl is made of glass. Accessories included are traditional beaters and dough hook. Its motor is rated at 225 watts. A manually-controlled lever shifts the bowl side-to-side for better mixing. Choose from 6 speeds for your various mixing jobs.
  • Breville USA BEM600xl Hand Stand Mixer. The 350-watt motor of this combo hand and stand mixer makes it capable of handling heavier mixtures compared to other models in this class. It’s a bit heavy for a hand mixer because of the bigger motor. But, it’s sturdy. A separate motor turns the bowl. It is equipped with a unique electronic load sensor for heavier mixtures. At almost $150, it is about 4 to 5 times the cost of other models.

Overall, a hand stand mixer is a sensible choice as an entry level stand mixer or for the hobby baker or for those who can’t afford the larger and more powerful counter top mixers.

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