KitchenAid Classic Plus vs. Artisan: Aren’t They The Same?

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To help you make an informed choice, here is a comparison of the KitchenAid Classic Plus vs. Artisan stand mixers. Their essential features are summarized in the Comparison Table below. The pros and cons of each model are also listed. A discussion of their features, performance and our final recommendation follows.

A KitchenAid stand mixer can be a substantial investment. Hence, it is but wise to identify your needs and get a model that is as close a match as possible. That way you will optimize your investment.

KitchenAid Classic Plus

KitchenAid Artisan

Power, watts275325
Capacity, quarts4.55
Lift TypeTilt HeadTilt Head
Speed Settings1010
Bowl TypeStainless Steel without handleStainless Steel with handle
AccessoriesBeater, whisk, dough hookBeater, whisk, dough hook, pouring shield
AttachmentsAccepts all KitchenAid attachmentsAccepts all KitchenAid attachments
Full ReviewFull Review

Features of the KitchenAid Classic Plus

The Classic Plus stand mixer is on the small end of KitchenAid’s series of stand mixers. It is suitable for someone who bakes infrequently or for a family of four.

It includes standard accessories…beater, whisk and dough hook. The 4.5 quart bowl has no handle and it does not include a pouring shield.

You can extend its function with several different attachments.

It has ten different speeds for various mixing jobs: beat, whip and knead; and for different mixtures: light, medium and heavy.

This stand mixer can mix and knead bread dough, but not daily or in big volumes. One to two loaves is ideal.

It may have lesser power and capacity but it does not mean it’s less efficient. In fact, it performs well for what it’s intended for. In an actual test, it outperforms bigger and more expensive models.

The biggest positive for the KitchenAid Classic Plus is its price versus performance. It’s one of the few stand mixers that are top value for money.

Go to this pagefor a complete and detailed review of the Classic Plus.

Pros of The Classic Plus 

  • Good value for money
  • Low-priced
  • Sufficient for most mixing requirements
  • Can be used occasionally on bread
  • Versatile

KitchenAid Classic Plus Cons

  • Only two colors available
  • Not for big volumes
  • Not for frequent use on heavy dough

KitchenAid Artisan Features

The Artisan stand mixer is the most popular and best-selling KitchenAid stand mixer. To date it has spawned more than 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7 stars. A year ago it was over 3000 reviews. Check our in-depth analysis of customer ratings in this detailed review of the Artisan.

What makes this stand mixer such a hit? One big factor for its popularity is that it is a median model. It serves the needs of bakers with small needs and those who make more than two recipes at a time. However, it is not a bread mixer. It is to be used intermittently for heavy dough and like the Classic Plus, two loaves per batch is ideal.

Another thing going for it is looks. It comes in an array of attractive and deliciously sounding colors that you can match with your kitchen’s theme and motif.

The Artisan’s bowl also has a comfort handle which makes it easy to control when transferring content. It also includes a pouring shield to reduce flour puff and splatters.

Pros of the Artisan Stand Mixer

  • Good for both a single and several recipes at a time
  • A big pool of attractive colors to choose from
  • Bowl has handle
  • Includes a pouring shield
  • Can be used intermittently for making bread
  • Versatile

Cons of the KitchenAid Artisan

  • Not for making bread daily
  • Not for really large volumes
  • Costs more

Verdict: An Artisan or A Classic Plus?

classic plus vs artisanThe price difference between the two models ranges from $60 – $100. Which should you choose?

If you mostly make 1 to 2 recipes per batch and do not bake bread often, then, the KitchenAid Classic Plus will suffice. It’s great value for money.

The Artisan will suit you if you plan on or foresee yourself making multiple recipes at a time.  4.5 quarts is really for small quantities. I also recommend you opt for this model if you want a bowl with handle and a pouring shield.

A bowl with handle is easy to control and easy on the hand when transferring contents. A pouring shield reduces splatters and flour puff.

Although, you can buy a separate 4.5 quart bowl with handle and a pouring shield for the Classic Plus later, the total cost will almost add up to the price of a KitchenAid Artisan.

Take note also that the Artisan continues to be the top seller in the stand mixer market. Yes, it has its own share of negative reviews. But will it continue to attract buyers despite the issues raised if it is a poor mixer?

And, you have more than 20 shades to choose from in the Artisan series. Whereas, the Classic Plus only has two colors: white and silver. And, the silver one costs the same as the Artisan!

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  • ALO819 13/11/2019, 7:40 am Link Reply

    I just bought classic plus In silver on sale $199 less then artisan model and you can buy the 5qt bowl with handle and make bigger batches which 2 bowls is always nice

    • Renee Wells 14/11/2019, 5:58 am Link Reply

      Hi ALO819,

      Nice that you got it so cheap. And, thank you for sharing your experience with a 5 quart bowl



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