9 Hot Tips To Get The Best KitchenAid Mixer Sale

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[Updated: December 2, 2019]

It’s coming.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner.

I’m sure your on the lookout for big price cuts. Awesome deals are running.

If you’ve been waiting for a KitchenAid stand mixer sale, price-off events usually happen towards the Holiday season starting on Black Friday.

If for some reason you missed getting one on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let me tell you: the deals don’t stop after them. They go on during the days leading up to Christmas or even into the New Year.

In a hurry?

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Don’t wait until the holidays. Some of the best deals happen even before Black Friday. So, be alert one or even two weeks before the event.

Get the Most Out of Price-Off Events

If you want to hunt down the best deals, you gotta be alert.

It pays a lot to have several strategies up your sleeves to get the best offers and get the most value for your buck.

Scroll down to learn these tactics which you can apply to all your discount shopping.

You’ll also find here the current hottest deals for the popular KitchenAid mixer models. This will be regularly updated as long as there is a sale.

While it is now sold on different websites, the KitchenAid stand mixers on sale at Amazon are trusted above the rest because of Amazon’s sterling reputation.

1.  Buy Online

Who doesn’t want coupon codes as well as free shipping offers?

During a sale event, everything is available for online purchase.

The web is the most convenient way to shop for a KitchenAid stand mixer. You avoid crowds, stay warm, and spend time with the family.

2.  No Assumptions

Never assume that the advertised price is the lowest it can be.

Save coupons for use during price-off events for more discounts. Just make sure that they are not passed their expiration dates.

Majority of sellers offer price matches exclusively to specific sale events.

3.  Best Deals BEFORE Black Friday

A Black Friday sale will almost always start a week or two earlier than its actual date. And almost everything, regardless of the sellers, will be up for grabs several days prior.

Don’t risk a sellout by waiting for excellent KitchenAid mixer deals until Black Friday, get them earlier.

4. Read Those Small Prints

Sellers sometimes gives coupons and additional discounts upon checkout. So, be alert and always check those small prints.

5. Take Advantage of the Cart

Start putting the items you plan to purchase on your cart. Amazon regularly updates you of any changes in prices and deals.

6.  Loyalty Programs

Loyalty points and cash backs are deciding factors when buying anything during sale events.

One of the advantages of being a member of online store membership clubs is that you get first crack at the most popular and bestselling items over other customers.

Early access to sought-after merchandise is crucial if you want to get your items.

7.  Gear Up for those Lightning Deals

Buying a KitchenAid mixer on sale is perfect when it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the days leading  up  to Christmas .

The thing is, you just might miss Amazon’s best KitchenAid deals because you didn’t know where to look for the information on those deals which are spread across all of Amazon’s departments and usually last just for minutes, especially when their discounts are higher than those seen 10 months earlier.

The best price-off event of an Amazon Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Holiday Deals is its lightning deals that last for a whole day until the last quantity of an item is sold out.

As the sale event draws nearer, Amazon typically offers specific details about their deals but at different times.

8.  More Frequent Lightning Deals

This often happens before the actual information goes live. Or, only several hints about special offers will be given.

The trick is to add that item being discussed to your cart and check it out within the allotted time prior to the expiration of any items you are interested in. It ain’t called “lightning deals” for nothing.

That means you have more chances of getting the best deal on KitchenAid mixer models that you have in mind for purchase.

Meanwhile, do you homework and create your own shortlist way ahead of any sale.

That means now.

9. Check Back On This Blog Regularly

I love price-offs and I’m sure you do, too. During this time of the year I’m staying alert for hot deals not only for stand mixers but for anything on a hot deal.

If I believe the price is too good to pass off, that deal goes in here. If you hate or don’t have time to dig and monitor, this page may be for you.

Most of us are on shopping mode well before  December.

Armed with our holiday lists, we prowl for discounts. We look for gifts for our spouses, children, relatives and friends.

There’s just a lot to buy for the season of joy and sharing, hence, we love price-offs, and stores give them to us.

Cheers and good luck finding the best KitchenAid mixer deal!

2 thoughts on “9 Hot Tips To Get The Best KitchenAid Mixer Sale”

  1. Dont forget the KA company site. Last week I got a fresh from the factory refurb, commercial NSF Certified 7qt mixer with the usual ‘NIB’ accessories for less than half price of a new off the shelf model. Shipping was free.
    I’ve been waiting for over a year to fine a good deal for 1. This will be handed down I’m sure.

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Good to know you got a good deal. Thanks for sharing your experience.



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