Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar

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Mickey and Minnie mouse cookie jars are both functional and decorative. They are great gift options for a Mickey Mouse fan and for a collector even if they are not rare or vintage items.

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My sister has several Mickey Mouse cookie jars sitting snugly on her display cabinet.  They are so charming.  If I had them, I, too, won’t mind if they serve no other purpose other than to brighten up my dining area or kitchen counter.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ceramic Cookie Jar

This hugging Mickey and Minnie mouse cookie jar is so cute you’ll be tempted to grab it if you are a fan of these Disney characters. They look so loving, they’ll make you smile. Kids and adults love it.

The characters wear the traditional red, black and white outfits. Minnie dons her trademark white polka-dotted red bow.

It’s great for gatherings when kids are coming over, they’ll finish-off the cookies fast. But it’s not practical for storing cookies because the lid is not sealed.

But it is an attractive decorative piece and a lovely present on birthdays and Christmas.

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Disney’s Mickey Mouse Pants Cookie Jar

This cookie storage is an innovative take on the well-loved Disney creation. It’s Mickey’s pants with Mickey feet and ears. The ear assembly is the jar cover.

The attractive red color of the jar contrasts with the black lid. Mickey’s eyes are two white oval shapes pasted on the red background.

This is big compared to other Mickey Mouse cookie jars. You can fit a whole bag of cookies into it. It’s easy to clean because there is less details in the construction. Hand wash to preserve the glossy finish.

It’s made of ceramic and the lid is not tightly fitted, so don’t leave the kids alone with it.

Zac Designs Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar

Zac Designs has  re-launched the Treasure Craft brand, which it now owns, with timeless characters from children’s classics.

This jar features a sitting Mickey with over-sized yellow shoes and spindly folded knees. His left cheek rests on his left hand and his elbow rests on his knee. His mouth is half open and he seems to be thinking or wondering at something. His right hand is on the floor.

Mickey is wearing traditional contrasting and attractive colors. His face is pure white and his nose protrudes.

This is a large 12-inch cookie jar made of strong ceramic and hand-painted dolomite. It is a functional, decorative and collectible Mickey Mouse jar for treats.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Cookie Jar

This gift box cookie jar has sculptured Mickey and Minnie figurines atop the lid. The pair is wearing bright red and black outfits. Minnie has matching bright red over-sized bow and Mickey wears white gloves.

The square receptacle is adorned with stripes of red and white and a huge deep green ribbon ties around it. This is a functional cookie jar. A soft rubberized gasket on the lid snugly holds it on the jar.

  • Base:  6 inches high, 7 inches wide, 7 ¼ inches deep
  • Assembled: 11 ¼ inches high, 7 inches wide, 7 ¼ inches deep

Great for holiday gift-giving or as decoration.

Cookie Jars: Functional or Collectible?

best collectible mickey mouse cookie jarsGenerally, people buy cookie jars to store cookies, candies, chocolates, etc. But Mickey Mouse cookie jars are sought mostly for its collectible value. They have also become sought-after as gifts. Rare and retired designs are even more expensive.

I understand why some folks delight in collecting these pieces. My sister’s collection is so engaging and entertaining. And over time rare pieces will appreciate in value.

There are less expensive designs, too, if you are after this for functionality whilst adding color to your space. But they are still more expensive compared to other cookie jars. Well, Mickey Mouse is probably the most popular Disney creation, a timeless classic character. He has outlived generations of fans. Therein lies the value of anything that carries his name.


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