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KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer Review: Not Heavy Duty?

Tons of bread. Big volumes. Sturdy. Does not flinch. This probably is how you, like others, think of the KitchenAid Heavy Duty mixer. But is it really for heavy duty use? Or, is it not worthy of the tag? We aim to set things straight in this comprehensive review. Read on to learn what we […] Read more

KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD Review: Not Enough Power?

Are you confused about the KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD? Afraid you’ll waste money on something that might be a dud? Want the haziness cleared? Read on… Concerns raised about this kitchen machine show that people are interested but confused. Information is scant. You’ll find answers here and there. But none that gathered them in one place. At least, […] Read more

KitchenAid Pro Line Mixer Review: 15 Most Pressing Questions Answered

Can the KitchenAid Pro Line handle hard dough and not bog down? How many pounds of flour can it manage? These are questions most often asked. But, wait… There are still more than a dozen other concerns that people want answers to before they fork out their dollars. Questions that you may not even know […] Read more

We Compare KitchenAid Stand Mixers: Which Is The Best?

This page is a time-saving one-stop place for you to compare KitchenAid mixers. Find all models here with their features, costs and benefits. Plus, key points to consider when choosing. After having dug through the maze of information, read hundreds of reviews, contacted the manufacturer, bought and used this brand; we don’t want to leave […] Read more

KitchenAid Ultra Power vs Artisan: The Same Mixers?

This article compares the KitchenAid Mixer Ultra Power vs Artisan. It delves into their differences and similarities to help you decide which model suits your needs, budget and preference. When it comes to performance and result, it can be hard to tell the difference between these two KitchenAid stand mixers because they only vary slightly […] Read more

KitchenAid Artisan vs Heavy Duty: Is One Better?

There are 5 crucial distinctions between the Artisan series and the Heavy Duty KitchenAid mixers. This article compares them in detail starting with a simple table that identifies their features. Doing it side-by-side makes it easy to grasp where and how they differ; and what features are the same. We shall focus more on their […] Read more

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